Mark asked this 4 years ago

Enable native code debugging in VS 2015

I'm using Visual Studio 2015 Community edition to create a Windows IoT background application on VB.NET. When I try to debug with watch on certain variables, i see the message

"To inspect the native object, enable native code debugging."

How do i do this?


mkbaines 4 years ago

From the project menu, select properties -> Click debug from left side menu.Under Debugger Type you have Application Process and Background Task process. For each application type you can select one of the following option from the drop down combobox:


  - Managed only

  - Native only

  - Mixed (Managed and Native)

  - Script

In your case you should select Mixed

jerry 4 years ago
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 There is no enable unmanaged code debugging checkbox in VS2015

gareth 4 years ago
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From the project menu select project properties

Click debug tab and select the check box:

Enable unmanaged code debugging