gareth asked this 4 years ago

Raspberry pi - how to mount Windows shares?

I am trying to mount Windows share files(password protected) on Pi

I am using

sudo mount -t cifs -o username=yourusername,password=yourpassword //MyPC/share1 /mnt/myfolder

This is not working. Please advise how to mount the shares?

Update on 2016-11-01

Also I would like to automount this.

pseudoFish 4 years ago

To automount edit /etc/fstab file

Append the following to the /etc/fstab file

//MyPC/share1 /mnt/myfolder cifs username=yourusername,password=yourpassword 0 0

pseudoFish 4 years ago
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Does your mount folder exist on Pi?


If not you have to create it.