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Uninstalling Oracle 11g database software

How can i uninstall Oracle 11g database software from my computer running Windows 10? I checked Programs and Features section in control panel but couldnt find Oracle in the list of installed programs.

Vikas 3 years ago
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Stop Oracle Services on Windows.

Search -> Services

Oracle services have names beginning  with Oracle or Ora. If any of them have status Started, then stop them. Exit and restart computer.

Use Oracle Universal Installer to remove DB Clients.

If you installed the Administrator, Runtime, or Custom versions of Oracle Database Client, then Oracle Universal Installer was also installed.

Start -> Programs -> Oracle - HOME_NAME -> Oracle Installation Products ->Universal Installer.

Click the Deinstall Products button to get the Inventory window. Select the Oracle home you wish to remove and click Remove.

The Universal Installer doesnot remove everything. The rest of the components ( registry keys, environment variables, Start Menu options and Directories) have to be manually removed.

(If you installed the Instant Client version you may not have Universal Installer, then you need to run setup from the installation media or directory that you used)

To remove Oracle DB Client entries from Windows Start Menu.

Start -> Programs -> Oracle - HOME_NAME.

Right-click Oracle - HOME_NAME, and select Delete.

To remove Oracle DB Client Directories:

Using My Computer or Windows Explorer, delete the SYSTEM_DRIVE:\program files\oracle directory and all ORACLE_BASE directories on your hard drive.