Free ITIL Practise Exam

1. The continual service improvement approach sets out a sequence of steps to follow when instigating and implementing improvements. Which of these represents the correct sequence for the CSI approach?

2. Which of these statements is not correct?

3. Which one of these statements about business relationship management(BRM) is correct?

4. What is the role of the emergency change advisory board (ECAB)?

5. Which one of the following statements about service catalog is FALSE?

6. Which of the following would be stored in the definitive media library(DML)?

  1. Copies of purchased software
  2. Copies of internally developed software
  3. Relevant licence documentation
  4. The change schedule

7. Which of the following statements about Access Management are true?

  1. Access Management ensure that all requests for access are verified and authorized
  2. Access Management defines security policies

8. Which one of the following is NOT a type of metric described in continual service improvement(CSI)?

9. In ITIL terminology, An unplanned interruption to an IT service, a reduction in the quality of an IT service, or a failure of a CI that has not yet impacted an IT service, is the definition for which of these?

10. Who defines the value of a service?

11. Service operation includes which of the following activities?

12. Which one of these is NOT a SLA structure specified by ITIL?

13. Which statement about the relationship between the Configuration Management System (CMS) and the Service Knowledge Management System (SKMS) is correct?

14. The four key elements of service design, also known as the four P's stands for People, Processes, Products and ?

15. Who should be granted access to the information security policy

16. What does PDCA stands for in Deming Cycle

17. Which of the following is the MAIN objective of Problem Management?

18. Which of these statements is NOT true?

19. Which one of these is an objective of service level management?

20. Which of the following is NOT a type of change identified by ITIL?

21. Which of the following is NOT a recognized source for service management best practices?

22. According to ITIL which of the following is a key element of a service that creates value for the customer?

23. The acronym RACI stands for

24. Service design delivers a new service or a change to an existing service. Which of the following are included in the service design?

  1. Technology
  2. Processes
  3. Budget
  4. Policies

25. Which of these is NOT a recognized service type?

26. Which of these three areas will be used by customers to understand the value of a service

  1. Business Outcomes
  2. Customer Preferences
  3. Customer Perceptions
  4. Customer Service

27. Which of these represents the five major aspects considered by service design in the design of quality services?

28. Who is responsible for ensuring the right numbers of staff are assigned to the various roles within the process and that they understand what is required of them?

29. Which of the following are types of event monitoring?

  1. Passive
  2. Virtual
  3. Active
  4. Standard

30. Which is the first activity of the continual service improvement(CSI) approach?

31. Which one of the following activities is part of the service level management (SLM) process?

32. The service desk carries out two processes. What are they?

  1. Incident management
  2. Design coordination
  3. Request fulfillment
  4. Change management

33. Availability is calculated using the formula AST – DT/AST * 100. What do the terms AST and DT refer to?

34. Which of the following are the three main processes of Financial Management?

  1. Budgeting
  2. Costing
  3. Accounting
  4. Charging

35. A service owner is responsible for which of the following?

36. Requests must be as follows:

  1. Authorized by the CAB
  2. Authorized by the budget holder when an expense will be incurred
  3. Authorized by technical management
  4. May be preauthorized

37. Which of the following is a key factor for ITIL's success?

38. Which of the following is NOT part of a service portfolio?

39. Which type of agreement is made between the service provider and internal support departments who are supplying an element of the service?

40. Which service lifecycle stage ensures that measurement methods will provide the required metrics for new or changed services?