How to transfer contacts from Windows phone to Android phone

Posted on 07th July 2015

Windows phones like Nokia Lumia, HTC Windows phone etc., sync your phone contacts to Microsoft Account (Windows Live, Hotmail, Outlook). Android devices lets you sync contacts with your Gmail account. So if you want to migrate your contacts from Windows phone to an Android phone you need to export contacts from your Microsoft Account and import them into your gmail account.

Migrating Contacts from Windows to Android phone

  1. Windows phone contacts are sync'd to Microsoft Account by default as long as you have provided or created an account during initial phone setup.
  2. Export Microsoft account contacts into csv file.
    Sign in to your microsoft account from a desktop PC or laptop. In the main window pull down the drop down arrow next to Outlook and choose People. Click on Manage and select Export. Choose save to store the csv file to your desired location.
  3. Import the contacts into Gmail.
    Sign in to Gmail from a desktop PC or laptop. Pull down the drop down arrow next to Gmail and choose Contacts. Pull down the More menu in the contacts page and select Import. Choose the csv file that you saved from your Windows Account and import.
  4. By default Android phones sync contacts with Gmail. In case of Android KitKat 4.4.2 for example, you can verify this by navigating to Settings → Applications → Contacts → Accounts
  5. Once the sync is completed you can see that all your Windows phone contacts are now available on your Android phone.

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