Excel 2016 Tip: Highlight, hide or remove duplicate data

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Quite often you'll come across excel sheets which contain duplicated and you may want to get rid of. You can have different interpretation for Here we show you how to remove, highlight or filter duplicate data in an Excel 2016 spreadsheet.

You can have different interpretations for duplicate data. For example you may have two identical rows of data like below:

excel 2016 duplicate row

or same cell values in a single column

excel 2016 duplicate cell

or same cell values in a range of cells

excel 2016 duplicate cells

Removing duplicate rows

To remove (permanently delete) duplicate rows :

Remove duplicate cell values in a column

To remove duplicate cell values in a column or columns, the procedure is same as above except that you select only those specific columns you want to check. For example you select only the column City

excel 2016 duplicate cells

The resulting sheet will be like this

excel 2016 duplicate cells

Highlight duplicate values

Now, let's see how to highlight cells that contain duplicate value instead of deleting them.

Filter duplicate rows

Another option for handling duplicate data is to hide or filter duplicate rows. This is how you do it.

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