Change Input Language and Keyboard layout in Windows 10

Posted on 06th December 2016

You can add additional languages to Windows 10 other than your default display language which is used to display text that appears in Menus, dialog box and other items in Windows. You can easily switch between those languages when creating documents, fill a website form that is in a different language or type in windows search box.

Add a new language

  1. Click Start → settings → Time & language → Region & Language → Add a language.
    Add a language
  2. Select your language. For example, you select French and it will be listed below your default language which is English.
    select a language
    You can click on a language rom the list and set it as the default language or you can remove a language if you no longer need it.
  3. To switch between the languages click on the input Language code on the system tray.
    switch language
  4. If keyboard layout icon is not shown, right click taskbar and select Show touch keyboard button.

Change Keyboard Layout

With each input language that you have you can also have one or more keyboard layouts. To add a keyboard layout:

  1. Click Start → settings → Time & language → Region & Language.
  2. Select the language
  3. Click Options
    select language
  4. Click Add a Keyboard.
    select language
    You may select any keyboard and language combination. For example you can select French language and add a United Kingdom Keyboard
    select keyboard
  5. The input selection list will show all available input languages and keyboards. To change the keyboard layout and language you can also use a shortcut - Press and hold the Windows key then press the space bar to show the language and keyboard selection menu. Pressing space bar again will change your selection.

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