How to share your windows 8 phone safely with your kids

by Remy Pereira on 14th October 2013

With all your social networking, business and other important info available at one flick of your finger, you may feel insecure sharing your Windows 8 phone with the kids at your home. Nevertheless it's a nightmare keeping their little hands away from your devices. Windows 8 Kid's Corner feature is just the solution for those of you who do want to allow your kids to use your phones, but at the same time restrict what they have access to.

Kid's Corner works like a different user environment where the user has access to limited things like games, music, videos and other apps.

The kid's corner feature is disabled by default. You can turn it on from Settings → Kid's Corner

You can also choose what is available in Kid's corner from the settings.

Once you have finished choosing, you have to set the password which lets you switch from kid's corner to normal mode unless you already have a screen lock password. Complete the setup by tapping Finish and open Kid's Corner.

To leave kid's corner you have to press the power button to switch off the screen. When you press it again, you'll be at the main lock screen. When you flick up you will be asked for password to go to your normal screen. If you swipe left you go to kid's corner.

The kids would be able to only access the kid's corner as long as they don't know the password. They will also have a customize option by which they can change the look and feel of kid's corner.


  • Too many incorrect password attempts would lock away the phone and you will be asked to wait a minute before attempting passwords again. If you are at this stage you can't access even the kid's corner for that whole minute.
  • If your phone is set to lock itself after a certain idle time, this can happen while in Kid's corner also. You will then need to enter the password before the kids can use it again. To avoid this you may need to set a longer time limit before the screen locks.

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