Change Microsoft Live account to Local account in Windows 8

by Remy Pereira on 01st February 2015

Windows 8.1 asks users to setup their login accounts using Microsoft accounts by default. Doing so offers some advantages like ease of syncing across different PCs, using OneDrive, downloading apps from Microsoft app store etc. If you set up your account as a Microsoft account or if it got changed into a Microsoft account when you installed something from app store, you can still disconnect from it and change back to a local account. This guide gives you step by step instructions on how to switch a Microsoft Live account to a Local account.

Step 1. Save all your work before you proceed.

Step 2. Open charms. (Point the mouse to the upper-right corner of the screen and move the mouse pointer down)

Step 3. Click Settings, then click Change PC settings.

Step 4. Click Accounts, and then click Your account.

Step 5. Click the Disconnect button below the account name and email.

Step 6. You will be prompted to enter your Microsoft account password. Click Next.

Step 7. At the next screen you will be asked to enter a Local account user name and password. Click Next.

Step 8. Click Sign out and finish.

Everytime you try to install an app from Microsoft app store, you will be prompted to revert to a Microsoft account. If you want to keep using local account, choose Sign into each app seperately (This option is available at the app installation screen)

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