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How to connect Bluetooth devices to a Windows 10 PC

This article explains how to connect Bluetooth devices such as mobile phones, speakers, headphones, mouse, PS4 controllers to Windows 10 PC or Laptop.

Get data from a nested JSON in PHP using Recursion and Loops

How to get data from nested JSON objects in PHP using recursion method or using simple FOR loops.

C#: List All Work Items in an Azure DevOps Project

Learn how to programmatically list ALL work items in a Azure DevOps Project by consuming REST API calls from a C# console application.

C#: Creating Work Items in Azure DevOps using REST API

This tutorial will show you how to make REST API calls from a C# program to create and manage work items in an Azure DevOps project.

C# Console App to Record and Playback Mouse Movements

Here is a simple C# console application that uses Win32 API function calls GetCursorPos and SetCursorPos to record and playback mouse movements.

How to call Azure Devops REST API from PowerShell

This tutorial shows you how to use PowerShell with REST API calls to create, fetch, edit and delete various resources in Azure Devops.

Recover a Juniper device booted from backup Junos image

Step-by-step procedure on how to recover a Junos OS image when the primary partition is corrupted and the device booted from image in secondary partition.

Brocade Fabric OS 8.x cheatsheet

This Brocade Fabric OS 8.x cheatsheet gives you all the essential commands that you need to configure and manage Brocade FC switches.

How to configure zoning in a Brocade FC switch

In a multipath SAN environment, zoning controls the paths between Host HBAs and Storage Processors. In this article you will learn how to configure zoning on a Brocade FC Switch.

How to update certbot to latest version on Ubuntu

Certbot is an open source tool to automatically renew Let's Encrypt certificates every 60 days. This article explains how to update certbot to latest version on Ubuntu.