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How to update certbot to latest version on Ubuntu

Certbot is an open source tool to automatically renew Let's Encrypt certificates every 60 days. This article explains how to update certbot to latest version on Ubuntu.

How to create a sequence column in MySQL

This article explains how to create a sequence column, also known as a auto-increment column in a MySQL database table.

Writing data from a Pandas Dataframe to a MySQL table

This article shows you how to write the data in a Pandas DataFrame to a MySQL table using the to_sql() function and SQLAlchemy toolkit.

Installing and configuring Elastic stack on Ubuntu

Elastic Stack consists of Elasticsearch, Kibana, Beats and Logstash. In this artilce you will learn how to install and configure ELK stack on Ubuntu.

Selecting, Slicing and Filtering data in a Pandas DataFrame

This article demonstrates how to select, subset and slice, index a Pandas DataFrame by row and column labels, by index position and using boolean conditions.

Different ways to create a Pandas DataFrame

This tutorial shows you how to create a Pandas DataFrame from Python lists, dictionary, NumPy array, CSV and also to create empty dataframes.

How to know your Wordpress site is hacked and how to fix it

How to identify that your Wordpress site is hacked? Once you know it is hacked, how do you clean/fix it?

Handling Duplicate Rows in a Pandas Dataframe

This tutorial shows you how to find and drop duplicate rows in a Pandas dataframe. Explains duplicated and drop_duplicates function with examples.

Essential Git Commands Cheatsheet

Git is an open source version control system to track, share, organize and collaborate. This cheat sheet contains most commonly used git commands with some examples.

How to select random records from a database

Learn how to select random rows from a database table in MySQL, Oracle and MS SQL Server. Also learn how to retrieve random documents from a MongoDB collection.