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Customizing the Windows 11 taskbar

Here is how to customize the taskbar in Windows 11. You can change the alignment, pin and unpin apps, hide the taskbar automatically and minimize all apps in one click.

C#: Using LINQ to find, filter and group objects in a collection

LINQ queries to search, filter, select, group, sort and perform other operations on a collection of custom class objects.

Implementing Generic Queues in Java using Linked List

How to implement a generic Queue data structure in Java using linked lists. A queue is a linear data structure that manages data using FIFO pattern.

Sorting collections of user-defined objects in Java

How to sort collections of user defined class objects in Java using Comparable and Comparator interfaces.

Binary search to find the occurrences of an element in a array

Using binary search algorithm to find the first occurrence, last occurrence and the count of an element in a sorted array with duplicate elements.

Java program to search an array using binary search algorithm

Explains how binary search works and a Java program to search an array using binary search algorithm.

Program to find the sum of diagonal elements of a 2D array

Java program to calculate the sum of diagonal elements of a 2-D array. Explains how to find the diagonal elements of an array.

Implementing Bubble Sort algorithm in Java

Bubble sort is a simple algorithm to sort elements of an array. In this post, I will explain bubble sort and how to implement it in Java programming language.

How to upgrade Chocolatey on Windows

How to upgrade chocolatey to its latest version. Chocolatey is a package manager in Windows and it is recommended for by Shopify for liquid based theme development in Windows.

Programming Meraki Dashboard API with Python

Learn to program Meraki Dashboard API using Python. The request module in Python can be used to make HTTPS request to Python Dashboard API web service and get response in JSON.