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Implementing Bubble Sort algorithm in Java

Bubble sort is a simple algorithm to sort elements of an array. In this post, I will explain bubble sort and how to implement it in Java programming language.

How to upgrade Chocolatey on Windows

How to upgrade chocolatey to its latest version. Chocolatey is a package manager in Windows and it is recommended for by Shopify for liquid based theme development in Windows.

Programming Meraki Dashboard API with Python

Learn to program Meraki Dashboard API using Python. The request module in Python can be used to make HTTPS request to Python Dashboard API web service and get response in JSON.

Python Flask RESTful API for MySQL CRUD

In this tutorial, you will learn to build a RESTful API using Python Flask to insert, retrieve, update and delete records from a MySQL table.

Getting started with Python Flask on Windows and Linux

This getting started guide describes installing Flask micro framework on Windows and Linux environments and how to write a simple Hello World app.

Reading data from MySQL to Pandas Dataframe

This article shows you how to import (query) data from a MySQL database table to a Pandas DataFrame using read_sql() function.

C#: Deleting Test Runs in Azure DevOps using REST API

This is a simple C# console application that uses REST API to delete test runs from your Azure DevOps project.

How to connect Bluetooth devices to a Windows 10 PC

This article explains how to connect Bluetooth devices such as mobile phones, speakers, headphones, mouse, PS4 controllers to Windows 10 PC or Laptop.

Get data from a nested JSON in PHP using Recursion and Loops

How to get data from nested JSON objects in PHP using recursion method or using simple FOR loops.

C#: List All Work Items in an Azure DevOps Project

Learn how to programmatically list ALL work items in a Azure DevOps Project by consuming REST API calls from a C# console application.