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Essential Git Commands Cheatsheet

Git is an open source version control system to track, share, organize and collaborate. This cheat sheet contains most commonly used git commands with some examples.

How to select random records from a database

Learn how to select random rows from a database table in MySQL, Oracle and MS SQL Server. Also learn how to retrieve random documents from a MongoDB collection.

How to setup a FTP server on Windows 10

FTP server enables the transfer of file between computers. This article describes how to install and configure a FTP server on a Windows 10 machine.

Creating local user accounts in Windows 10

This article describes how to add a local user account in Windows 10 without a Microsoft account or email id. Local user accounts can be administrator account or standard account

Interacting with Jira using Python and REST API

Developers can create scripts/programs using Python and Jira REST API to access resources such as projects, issues, comments, users etc., from Jira Cloud and Server Platforms.

Restricting Management Access on Juniper SRX

This article describes how to restrict management access on Juniper SRX device to specific network addresses by setting up a firewall filter

Reading and Writing JSON data in Python

This article demonstrates how to read data from a JSON string or file and similarly how to write data in JSON format using json module in Python.

Using Dialects when reading and writing CSV in Python

A dialect is a group of parameters used to define the format of a CSV file.Here are examples of operations on dialects such as list, get attributes, register, unregister, sniff,

Reading and Writing CSV files in Python

Python CSV module contains functions to read and write CSV data. Here are some examples of how to read from and write to CSV files in a Python program.

Using SQL statements to query information from OTRS database

SQL Box allows administrators to run SQL statements to query OTRS database. Here are a few SQL statements to query information about tickets, queues, agents and customers.