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WINDOWS Articles

How to upgrade Chocolatey on Windows

How to upgrade chocolatey to its latest version. Chocolatey is a package manager in Windows and it is recommended for by Shopify for liquid based theme development in Windows.

How to connect Bluetooth devices to a Windows 10 PC

This article explains how to connect Bluetooth devices such as mobile phones, speakers, headphones, mouse, PS4 controllers to Windows 10 PC or Laptop.

How to setup a FTP server on Windows 10

FTP server enables the transfer of file between computers. This article describes how to install and configure a FTP server on a Windows 10 machine.

Creating local user accounts in Windows 10

This article describes how to add a local user account in Windows 10 without a Microsoft account or email id. Local user accounts can be administrator account or standard account

10 essential tweaks for Windows 10

Change Language, Keyboard layout, Change user account name, lock screen, default apps, computer name, change WiFi Password, Chang network profile

Change network type from Public to Private in Windows 10

How to change a network location from Public to Private or Private to Public in Windows 10 in a few easy steps

PowerShell - Get modified time of a file on an FTP server

PowerShell script demonstrates how to retrieve the last modified date-time of a given file on a remote FTP server using the FTPWebRequest class of System.Net

PowerShell - List files and sub-directories on an FTP server

Powershell script to list the directory contents on a FTP server using the FTPWebRequest class of System.Net

How to open an Elevated Command Prompt in Windows 10

This article shows you two different way to open a Elevated Command Prompt in Windows 10

25 Most Useful Windows 10 Commands

This is a list of 25 most useful Windows 10 commands that you can run from a command prompt or Run box to access various system settings and apps