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Recover a Juniper device booted from backup Junos image

Step-by-step procedure on how to recover a Junos OS image when the primary partition is corrupted and the device booted from image in secondary partition.

Getting started with Python Flask on Windows and Linux

This getting started guide describes installing Flask micro framework on Windows and Linux environments and how to write a simple Hello World app.

Verify Apache, PHP, MySQL versions already installed

Commands and procedures to check which version of Apache, PHP and MySQL that is running.

Some fascinating conversations with Cortana, the Windows PA

Some very interesting questions to ask Cortana

How to rate the performance of your computer

How to rate the performance of your computer using Windows Experience Index

Basic file upload using PHP

Learn how to add basic file upload functionality to your web page using PHP.

How to reverse a string in C

This is a simple C program to reverse a string without using library functions

Windows 10 tricks : Enable GodMode

Windows 10 trick - Enabling GodMode which gives you access to all Windows settings in one place

Password-less SSH login using Public key authentication

Public key authentication is a more secure and convenient way of login in to a remote server. Learn how to setup Public key authentication for SSH on Linux and Windows.

Top Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts everyone should know

Here are the top Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts everyone should know. Includes shortcuts to open various apps and settings, manipulating files, managing windows, etc.