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How to read and write Excel files in Java

Here is a Java program that demonstrates how to read and write Excel files using the Apache POI HSSF library

Getting started with Python Flask on Windows and Linux

This getting started guide describes installing Flask micro framework on Windows and Linux environments and how to write a simple Hello World app.

How to reverse a string in C

This is a simple C program to reverse a string without using library functions

C# Console App to Record and Playback Mouse Movements

Here is a simple C# console application that uses Win32 API function calls GetCursorPos and SetCursorPos to record and playback mouse movements.

Program to find the sum of diagonal elements of a 2D array

Java program to calculate the sum of diagonal elements of a 2-D array. Explains how to find the diagonal elements of an array.

Implementing Jenkins one-at-a-time hash function in VB.NET

How to implement Jenkins one at a time hash in VB.NET. Jenkins one at a time hash is a hash function that produces a 4 byte hash value from a multi-byte input.

Python Flask RESTful API for MySQL CRUD

In this tutorial, you will learn to build a RESTful API using Python Flask to insert, retrieve, update and delete records from a MySQL table.

Getting started TypeScript with Visual Studio 2015

This article explains installing TypeScript, creating your first program and the basics of building applications using TypeScriptand Visual Studio 2015

Reading and Writing CSV files in Python

Python CSV module contains functions to read and write CSV data. Here are some examples of how to read from and write to CSV files in a Python program.

Threads in Java : Create, start and run with examples

Two different ways of creating threads in Java - Subclass method and Runnable Interface method with examples