C Programming

Getting Started

Posted on 02nd May 2013

To get started, the first thing you need to do is to get a C compiler. C compilers are available for almost all platforms. Some are sold commercially while others are available to download freely or already installed with your Operating System. The following sections will help you install a compiler for your environment.

1. Linux

GNU Compiler Collection (gcc) is a free compiler for Linux platform. To check if you have gcc installed on your Linux machine run the following command which displays the gcc version that is installed.

# gcc -v

To install gcc on RHEL, Fedora or CentOS, run the command

$ yum install gcc

To install gcc on Ubuntu or any Debian Linux distributions, run the command

$ apt-get install gcc

2. Unix


HP C compiler is sold as part of the HP C/aC++ Developer\'s Bundle. To check the compiler version, if it is installed, run the command

# what `which cc`


The C compiler on Solaris comes as part of the Oracle Solaris Studio product which can be downloaded from the Oracle website. To check the version of the compiler run the command

# cc -V

3. Windows

To create C programs on Windows environment you can download one of the free Integrated Development Environments (IDEs). Two popular IDEs are

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