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Posted on 30th April 2013

HTML Elements

A HTML page is made up of a set of HTML Elements. HTML elements consist of HTML Tags and some content.

The following is an example of a HTML element.

<h1>A very interesting web page!!!</h1>

<h1> and </h1> are the tags in this HTML element and it tells the web browser to display the text - A very interesting web page!!! - as heading.


Most of the HTML tags come in pairs - an opening tag and a closing tag.
Opening tags will have a < followed by the tag name and >
Closing tags will have a < / followed by the tag name and a >
In the HTML element above, <h1> is the opening tag and </h1> is the closing tag.

Some HTML tags do not have a closing tag. For example the <br> tag is used insert a line break in a HTML page and it does not require a closing tag.


The opening tags in HTML can have attributes which provides additional information to the tag.
The <font> tag in your first html page has the attribute color=red to display the text in red.

<font color=Red>

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