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A Gentle Introduction to Java

by Jasleen on 05th February 2018

So you want to learn Java/Programming? I am assuming so because you landed here. Well Kudos to you. You have taken the first step towards becoming an amazing programmer. And we all know the first step is usually the hardest. I don't believe in lengthy high tech posts, so I am going to keep this short. Let us begin.

Few things to know about java.

  1. It is very easy to understand, read and program in java. Yes everyone who told you its tough probably lied to you. You just have to put your heart into it.
  2. It is portable, meaning it can run on many devices once compiled. That means you don't have to create a different kind of file for different Operating Systems. Confused?? Ok let me explain in a more simple way. Everyone who has used a computer has in some point of time installed an application. On windows it is usually an *.exe file, on mac *.dmg , linux *.rpm , etc. All these files are specific to the operating system, you cannot run an exe file on Mac or Linux. But a compiled java file can run on any operating system that has Java in it. No special compilation needed for each OS.
  3. It is object oriented(A series of blog posts to come on this topic, so hang on)
  4. It is robust and secure.
  5. It is multi threaded. Meaning you can write some awesome programs that can run at same time. (Again, a series of blog posts to come on this).

Java has so many amazing features, and I encourage you to explore. The above list is just a small introduction. Please reach out if you have questions.

Here is what I want you to do next.

  1. Install java on your computer(There are so many resources on how to do this, A quick google search will help).
  2. (This is optional, But recommended)Install an IDE. You can chose any- Eclipse, IntelliJ or Netbeans, etc. I know you can program without an IDE, but it definitely helps.
  3. Create a Github account- I highly recommend this. This is a very important tool in any programmers belt.
  4. Install Maven. We do not need it right away, but will need it in posts to come.

In the next blog post we will write our first java program. Stay tuned.

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