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Create PL/SQL Procedure to Enqueue Message

Posted on 16th October 2017

We now create a PL/SQL procedure named enq to Enqueue a message to the salary_review queue that we created in the previous chapter.

The enq procedure take two input parameters - employee id and increment percentage. These parameters are used to create the payload of type salary_review. We then pass this payload and the queue name to the ENQUEUE procedure of DBMS_AQ package.

CREATE or REPLACE PROCEDURE enq(empid in number, incr in number) AS
  emp_sal salary_review;
  enqueue_options dbms_aq.enqueue_options_t;
  message_properties dbms_aq.message_properties_t;
  enq_id raw(16);
  emp_sal := salary_review(empid, incr);
  DBMS_AQ.ENQUEUE(queue_name         => 'hr.salary_review_queue',
                  enqueue_options    => enqueue_options,
                  message_properties => message_properties,
                  payload            => emp_sal,
                  msgid              => enq_id);

To test the above procedure, run:


You can then query the Queue table to confirm the message has been added to the queue.

SELECT qt.q_name,qt.user_data.empid, qt.USER_DATA.incr FROM review_queue_tab qt;

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