Attribute Declaration

Posted on 25th February 2014

A valid XML document must declare all the attributes of an element using ATTLIST declarations. Multiple attributes of an element can be declared using a single declaration. ATTLIST declarations contain the elements name, followed by the list the attributes that an element can have, data type of the attribute and default value for the attribute.


<!ATTLIST element_name attribute_name data_type default>


The following example declares the attributes for the movie element

<!ATTLIST movie
	Title   CDATA     #REQUIRED
	Genre  CDATA     #IMPLIED
	Language   (English |French |Chinese)  "English"
	Format   CDATA     #FIXED    "DVD"

Title attribute contains only character data and is required for all movie elements;
Genre is an optional attribute of type character data;
Language can have value English, French or Chinese; default is English if this attribute is not set for an element;
The value Format attribute is fixed for all movie elements and the value is DVD

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